50 Years Serving Artists

Donate now to the Jerry Goldstein Foundation to help 100 artists to receive $500 as part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration at Jerry’s Artarama
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Goal and Mission

100% Dedicated to Helping Artists!
Through the help of donations and support from our sponsors, The Jerry Goldstein Foundation will help aspiring artists with financial contributions from the foundation direct to the schools and art departments.
Relief Efforts: Supply funding through the foundation for local art communities and artists.

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Scholarship Projects

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Visual art inspires creativity

Inspiring more people to paint, draw, dance or compose music will help promote this essential environment. This to assure that each generation moves forward in man’s quest to understand nature and himself.

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The Artist Scholarship Project

Your donation will go to providing scholarships to promising young artists to go on to colleges and universities. Very little is done to help artists get the education they need and we are looking to change that!

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What is our goal for artists?

Young artists may have the talent and the spirit to be great artists and The Jerry Goldstein Foundation seeks to give scholarships to the most needy and talented young artist who might otherwise struggle…

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